This album is designed for trailer use. It is performed with multiple drum sets and hand percussion, while also using modern trailer elements to achieve a massive and exciting sound.

We’ve seen countless trailers using epic, cinematic drums. We would like to achieve that effect with a new, contained, and organic sound. By using more familiar percussion sounds, it opens up more possibilities for licensing these tracks.


Just Drums Vol. 1

(And A Few Other Things Too...)
The Challenge:
How do you make an album versatile and emotional without melody or chords?

• Different players. Feel is everything when it comes to drums. Each new drummer brings a different personality to each track.

Why choose this album over the thousands of other production albums?

• Because it’s beat-driven. Having beat-driven music is a breath of fresh air for every video editor. When you combine cues that are easy to follow with large dynamics and well-written form, the possibilities are endless.

What content would work for an album like this?

• Since it’s only drums, it’s incredibly versatile. This album steps away from the giant drum line of epic war drums that we’ve heard hundreds of times before. By leaning towards more intimate and organic drum sounds, it creates more options for licensing. Tracks can still be used for intense action, but could also be used in smaller, quirkier content.

Because these tracks consist of mostly drums and hits, cues are very easy to edit picture to. These songs are broken up into thirds building in intensity. Pieces of a track can easily be mixed and matched with other trailer music and sound design.


TrackDescriptionInstrumentation KeywordsBPMKeyAlternate VersionsRecorded
Drum Corps ValuesInfluenced by and utilises marching drum corps. Fused with breakbeat drum sets and hip hop percussion.Marching Band, Drum Set, Hand Percussion, Drum line, Groovy, Big, Breakbeat, HornsDrum corps, Groovy, Backbeat, Breakbeat, Big Drums, Fun, Marching Band110FDrums Only, Alternate EndingApril 2020
Wabi-sabiInfluenced by Asian percussion & recorded with pots, pans, sinks and foley fused with orchestral percussion & drum sets. Builds throughoutJapanese Hand Drums, Drum Set, Pots & Pans, Kitchen Sink, Strings, Low Synth, Mongolian Singers, Tribal DrumsQuirky, Horror, Comedy, Thriller, Psychological, Builds, Tense, Hand Percussion, Japanese, Asian, World124BDrums Only, No VocalsApril 2020
BeatbreakerStarts with a building groovy backbeat, and gradually develops into a fun, intense and huge drum sound of drum sets, drum lines and tribal drumsDrum Set, Marching Band, Drum line, Hand Percussion, Horns, Low Synth, Claps, Tribal Drums, ChantsGroovy, Backbeat, Hiphop, Drum line, Beats, Big Drums, Breakbeat, Builds101D#Drums Only, No VocalsApril 2020
Let The Drums RollUtilizes Drum Rolls, Gradually builds with crescendos with a giant payoff at the endDrums, Deep Orchestral Percussion, Dirty Synth, Bass, Guitar, Epic OrchestraEpic, Heavy, Building, Deep, Gritty, Crescendo, Big Drums, Action, Explosions120BDrums OnlyApril 2020
Brushes With The DevilTwo dueling jazz drummers, with building intensity (Single Drummer Version leaves more room for dialog)Brushes, Drum sets, Claps, Big Impacts, Piano, TrumpetJazz Drums, Drum Battle, Drum off, Drum Solo, Builds, Intense214-222-Drums Only, Single DrummerApril 2020
Sharp SharpInspired by various African beats. This track uses tribal percussion in an uplifting and fun groove. World Drums build into a South African choir anthemDrum Set, Tribal Drums, Mallets, Marimba, Asian Frame Drums, Bells, African Choir, Hand Percussion, ClapsTribal, African Drums, Groovy, Fun, African, Caribbean, Quirky90 (179)F#Drums Only, Alternate EndingApril 2020
Getaway DrummerThis track uses optional ticking clocks as a part of the percussion to create building intensity. Rock drums, latin percussion and big impacts.Drum Sets, Latin Percussion, Hand Drums, Horns, Strings, Toms, ClocksChase, Action, Fun, Groovy, Exciting, Big Drums, Latin Percussion150GDrums Only, No ClocksApril 2020
Sticks And CirclesLayers of hand drums and toms gradually builds with circular triplets.Drum Set, Cajon, Toms, World Drums, Rims, Shaker, Synth, Shepard tones, Piano, HornsWorld Drums, Builds, Big Drums. Groovy, Shuffle, Tribal134CDrums OnlyMay 2020
Morse CodedThis track uses Morse Code as an element of percussion. Very quick 16th notes, but with plenty of dynamics.Thunder Rods, Drum Sets, Snare Drums, Kettle Drums, Synth, Pulses, Guitars, Morse CodeBuilds, Intense, Big Drums, Action, Explosions, Reverse, Backwards, Fast140A/C#Drums OnlyMay 2020
Crashing OutStarts with orchestral percussion and slowly brings in more modern drums fused with a rock-pop drum setTimpani, Mallets, Drum Set, Marching Band, Drum line, Hand Percussion, Low Synth, Horns, Tribal DrumsDrum Corps, Groovy, Backbeat, Building, Cinematic, Marching Band, Orchestral Percussion, Breakbeat92DDrums OnlyApril 2020
The LowdownThe Lowdown
Inspired by 70’s rock and soul. This track takes this sound and forms it into a giant drum anthem with building intensity.
Drum Set, Tambourine, Drum Machines, Bongos, Conga, Claps, Fuzz Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Strings, Synth, Shepard tones70’s, Rock, Soul, Intense, Big Drums, Funky, Groovy, Action, Shootout, Latin Percussion115DDrums OnlyMay 2020
Wake Up, Louis!A simple and playful melody played with Caribbean mallet instruments which slowly evolves into a multi-layered groovy beatDrum Set, Marimba, African Tuned Percussion, Water Drums, Bells, Bass, Strings, Piano, ClapsFun, Inspirational, Animation, Family, Groovy, Caribbean, African, Pop, Mature, Playful120CDrums Only, No VocalsMay 2020
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