Anthems For Our Heroes

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*All tracks include :90, :60, :45, :30, :15, :10, :05 cut-downs

This album is written for trailer, production, and commercial use. It is designed with for multiple uses, with alternate versions for each track.

There’s no denying that there’s plenty of identikit ads out there right now. The combination of an extraordinary situation and a sudden lack of shooting capability has led brands to a narrowed set of options.
But at the same time it’s liberated them to at least try and be more emotional in their communications. We’ve been tracking and testing every COVID-19 themed ad, and the simple fact is that the overall quality of them is up on the average ad. That doesn’t mean they’re all brilliant – but it does mean people are responding better to these commercials than to the message-heavy, hard-sell junk which tended to fill their screens before.
When the formula is done well, it can really work. This week’s Ad Of The Week is “Where There’s Help. There’s Hope”. It has all the typical ingredients of a Covid-19 ad – found footage, slow piano music, an uplifting and reassuring message – but it’s strung together in a way that still makes the Google brand into a hero. It scored a massive 5.8-Stars, one of the highest scores of the year so far (pandemic or no pandemic) and a very strong 1.3 Spike score. But Its Brand Fluency, at 0.43, wasn’t so high.
“Ads – like Oreo’s last week – and suggests that criticism of these ads for not being distinctive enough is legitimate.”

-Tom Ewing/System1

This is where Black And White can shine. These ads are resonating with viewers at the moment because they aren’t ignoring our current situations. However, agencies are experiencing a large issue with these types of advertisements. They are combining generic stock and found footage, with generic library music (which wasn’t written with the current climate in mind), and it’s causing these ads to come across as formulaic.
We can create emotional, inspirational, and unique music designed for these types of ads. We need to make commercials that don’t sound like they are capitalising on an epidemic, but adapting to the current climate. Post-production can thrive right now so long as we are forward-thinking and creative. 

A portion of all profit will be donated to the NHS, WHO or NAACP on our clients’ behalf

Anthems For Our Heroes consists of 12 unique and versatile tracks. Each track comes with alternative versions and cut-downs.

Our competition is facing a problem that they can’t necessarily control. They’re all using the same stock tools that they have available to them, and it’s part of the reason these advertisements are starting to seem monotonous.
B&W is fortunate enough to work with an amazing roster of session musicians across the U.S. and the U.K., with access to top-of-line re- cording studios. We are very happy to be able to hire these musicians while we’ve all been in isolation, but even happier with the results.

Featured Session Musicians:

nick audy
Nick Audy - Drums
kory glattman
Kory Glattman - Vocals
Kylie Rothfield
Kylie Rothfield - Vocals
za lloyd
Zak Lloyd - Keyboards
ginny luke
Ginny Luke - Strings/Vocals
daniel richardson
Daniel Richardson - Horns
john kennedy
John Kennedy - Strings
ryan quinn
Ryan Quinn - Vocals

There are countless tracks that could be placed in the ads, but B&W aims to create a sound that will bring a unique sound to these projects.

The Challenge:

How is this album different from the competition?

• As mentioned previously, bringing in live players on our tracks makes these tracks come alive. But we also have a sound that delivers a much-needed edge to these tracks.

This is an emotional, inspirational, and optimistic album. But as with the rest of the Black And White catalog, all of our tracks are written with some elements of groove and swagger. A little bit of grit goes a long way with us.

Why choose this album over the thousands of other production albums?

• Music is just as much a part of the narrative as dialogue. These tracks need to say what words can’t. The music needs to capture our current climate, while also telling a story.

These tracks should embody the loss around us as well as the perseverance of our healthcare workers. it needs to be Emotional while also being inspi- rational. Our music can make these productions sound empathising rather than pandering.

Would these tracks still be of use to us when this crisis is over?

• What a great question! Yes. This album is written to help us adapt to our current situations, and we’re all hoping this ends as soon as possible. But this type of material will be of use for a very long time. Our circumstances have opened up doors for found-footage commercial production. Agencies have seen how well these kinds of ads can work, especially for the budget they are creating on. This type of thinking isn’t going away any time soon.

A great example of other use is the Olympics. We have back-to-back Olympic Games in 2021 and 2022. Both of these events will be placing ads about the struggles and strengths of the competing athletes in every commercial break. The tracks written for this album fit those briefs perfectly.

Thes cues are very easy to edit picture to. These songs are broken up into thirds building in intensity. Pieces of a track can easily be mixed and matched with other trailer music and sound design.